And So We Keep Going

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Good evening folks.  I know a few of us progressives may have been bummed out over the results of yesterday’s primaries. But we should all keep in mind that lasting, progressive changes have to come through the process of struggle that takes years, not months. It’s much deeper than a presidential contest. Many of us need to see things turn around politically, or personally for our fortunes to improve.  It’s a blow to the stomach to see those possibilities appear to go down the drain as reactionary forces get stronger and stronger.

But, this is the struggle we’re in for. The interests of the people who want to keep things the same are deeply entrenched, and are there to frustrate reform efforts at every turn. It doesn’t mean we give up though.

I write this for myself as much as those of you who may read this tonight. Setbacks,  they happen. But, now is the time to regroup and think through what’s next. That’s all I got to say for tonight’s post. Peace y’all.

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