America’s Gun Culture Issue

As the mainstream media circles the wagons, talking about the Oregon shooting, there’s no end in sight for the conditions that allow these incidents to keep happening.

The politicians collectively shrug their shoulders, and say “stuff happens” – an indication of the level of indifference.  Pop psychologist drone on about mental illness being the culprit. As for the easy access to guns, there is silence.  People are discussing the matter, but don’t want to buck NRA lobbyists by offering solutions.  Which ensures that this will take place again. The reality of the day is that it’s far too easy to get a gun.

The only difference that I see now, is that people in the mental health community are beginning to push back on this story. Mental illnesses don’t make everyone homicidal.  This massacre, which mirrors so many others,  should make us take a long, hard look at American gun culture. To do anything else, is to deliberately miss the point.


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  1. In this recent case. The issue was not mental illness. This young man got all 14 guns legally. The issue is bigger then mental health. The issue is there are to many young people with access to legal and illegal guns in this country. There are many many people with all kinds of mental illness that have never been violent. It is an excuse to not do anything in this country. Until we as the American citizens vote all these people out of office and get some new blood in there within the next decade. It will get to the point that people will not leave their homes unless they have to. More and more people will buy everything they need on-line and get deliveries. People will work from home more and more and there will be no space safe for the public to go. Think about all the place you go within a week that don’t have any security. Grocery stores, discount stores, medical offices, hospitals (their security is a joke), train stations, bus stops, bus stations, mall parking lots, Parking garages, parks, museums, etc. No place will be safe.

    I’m with Obama it is becoming routine and until we say enough is enough it is going to continue to happen. I ask my child’s school if they had any drills in case of a shooting and they said no, we have security. I said to them are you serious? Anyone can get into this building with a gun. There is no metal detectors here to see what adults are coming into this building with. Scary that Newtown wasn’t enough.

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