Snow Day

This weeks weather proved to be daunting and unpredictable as far as weather is concerned. For those of us who work remotely we were able to continue with our normal routines. For those of us that don’t childcare can present many issues not limited to safety

Unpredictable weather can be a disruptive force to child education. Gone are the days when children were home-schooled.  Although some parents still have to go into the office, a large number of workers now work remotely.

According to the <a title=”National Center for Education Statistics” href=”” target=”_blank”><em>National Center for Education Statistics</em></a>, students between the ages of 5-18 attend on average 180.3 days a year.  In some peoples opinion, American students aren’t learning enough and there are far too many vacation and holidays.
<h4>The Good news…</h4>
We’ve arrived to the dawn of a new Technological era. In this new era no one is confined to the classroom, not teachers and especially not students. Think about it, children are far more astute to technology. They understand and know how to work all of the latest and greatest technology. They are all practically technology guru’s, if you ask me, straight from the crib literally.

As parents we should be requesting that our students be able to take advantage of this new technology landscape. Education is critical to your child’s success. There are so many aspects to this new paradigm as well.  Think about it, there are blackboards, conference lines, online portfolio’s, mobility, and <a title=”Massive Open Online Courses” href=”” target=”_blank”>MOOC’s</a>. There is no reason why our students shouldn’t be taking advantage of these new learning formats.

I could keep rambling on and on, but I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter…

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