Know Black History Everyday!

by Sam Curtis

Black Lives Matter is not just a protest slogan, but an acknowledgement and preservation of the humanity of Black people.

This preservation is manifested in many forms in many ways.  One of the obvious vehicle is Black History Month.  Introduced as Black History Week by Carter Woodson the time period celebrates the contributions made by Blacks to this country.  That history was purposely left out of the history books used in public education.  The week eventually took over the entire month of February and today we celebrate Black History Month which without a doubt acknowledge that Black Lives Matter. Black History Month Calendar carries on this vital tradition.  Consisting of video clips, the virtual calendar utilizes the Internet as it traces the roots of an average African American Family from slavery to present day and their connectedness with well- known people and historical events.  It summarizes not only the contributions of the well-known people and events, but it highlights the unsung heroes and heroines of a movement.  It mainstreams our history and existence in a country that refuses to accept and treat us as citizens possessed of all the rights granted to U.S. citizens under the U.S. Constitution.

The celebrity narrated clips are placed online each day to allow viewers to stay on top of the interesting storyline.

Celebrating its’ tenth year, the Calendar has received the endorsements of the National Education Association (“NEA”) black and Hispanic caucuses, the National School Board Association (“NSBA”), and is used in public schools throughout the U.S as a teaching tool of Black History.

The calendar is sponsored and endorsed this year by the Missouri Teachers Union (“MNEA”).

It is also sponsored by the online genealogy program Ancestorgram.  Ancestorgram helps people to research their own family history.  The inexpensive site provides you with a generational chart and tips on researching and developing your family tree.  It also offers tips on how to conduct a productive search.  This year in celebration of the, Ancestorgram will provide one year subscriptions to lucky people who will be randomly selected from followers of Ancestorgram on twitter and facebook.

So join us on the calendar this year and follow us on twitter and like us on facebook.

You can access the calendar by linking to the website BMHC

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