Black History Month 2015 Kick Off



After a swift moving but relatively quiet January, here we are in February. The time of year that people begin to gear up, and think about our history starting with Martin Luther King day.

This particular Black History Month is specifically important because it comes in the aftermath of Ferguson and the Black Lives Matter movement. In the historical backdrop is the 50th anniversary of Selma, and the assassination of Malcolm X. Between and betwixt our history and the present, and we seem to be in a moment in time where we need to collectively draw strength from our past to cope with modern realities. What we endeavor to do here, is to serve that need in whatever way possible.

Whether it is the NYPD almost deciding to deploy officers with machine guns to demonstrations or the police in Norfolk allowing a dog to maim a college student, Black people are under severe attack collectively.

I have some guest posts lined up that endeavor to give practical advice, information, and knowledge. I hope that you will gain something from what has been assembled, and what is still in the works. Thank you.



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