Three Reasons The Anti-Police Protests Should Not Stop

Here we are, a little more than a week after massive protests against police murder and brutality. After the killing of two police officers, the demonstrators now find themselves on the defensive.

Eric Adams and Mayor DeBlasio call for the protests to cease, at least until the officers are buried.

There are at least three reasons the protests should continue. One, what this lone, deranged individual did had nothing to do with the movement for reforming the police. Two, halting gives legitimacy to those who don’t want reforms to the police. It has more to do with control than paying respect. Third, continuing the protests drives home the idea that Black Lives Matter. “Respecting” these anti protest calls actually cements that somehow police lives matter more than those of Black civilians.

Feel free to add on to this, or disagree in the comments.


  1. You got that right, and THANK YOU for not adding the usual “disclaimer” drivel about “I do not condone blah blah blah police’s lives matter dribble dribble blah”.

    DeBlasio can have all of Barclay’s seats. He’s pandering to the police, who can’t stand him, either.

  2. You’re welcome Zenzi. I felt as though a disclaimer would have weakened this post. DeBlasio is pandering, and they dont respect him.

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