Christmas and the Single Mom

Single mom holiday help( – Few times make a mom burst out in tears like Christmas. Seeing your child hungry or going without is hard any time of the year, but its almost unbearable at Christmastime.

For many single moms, the choice to pay rent or have Christmas is a no brainer but since far too many single mom face eviction during the holiday season the choices can be even harder.

For many single moms, Christmas is too hard to pull off. There’s the expensive tree and decorations, the big dinner and of course clothes and gifts. It’s the toughest time. Add to that the stress of dad passing away, leaving or being gone due to domestic violence, the recipe for a tough day is there.

If you’re able to help a single mom survive the holidays, here are 5 ways you can help.

1) Buy a $25 giftcard to the local grocery store or toy store and put it in a card. Drop it off to the family alon with a toy for the kids. You can also buy food and bring it by the home. Stores like Dollar Tree also sell food. You can volunteer to drive the mom to get help from pantries, sign up for SNAP or to charities to pick up clothing or food.

2) Invite the single mom and kids to Christmas Dinner

3) Play Santa: Buy a bag of gifts and drop them off to the family on Christmas Eve. It will teach the children the true meaning of the holidays to witness the spirit of giving.

4) Drop off a donation to the family’s apartment complex to pay all or part of the rent. The odds are, the mom is behind on bills so this will be the greatest gift ever. You can even be anonymous!

5) Stay in touch! Many moms feel isolated during the holidays and having friends and family stay in contact can mean a lot.

Shop with a cop - single mom christmas helpWith just a few days until Christmas, the stress is nearly unbearable. If you’re trying to avoid eviction, struggling to buy groceries or gifts, here are some ways to get help!

1) Call the local children’s musuem, local kids companies and department stores to see if they are doing anything for kids. Sign up for holiday help from charities like Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul and Catholic Charities for assistance with rent, food, toys and clothing.

2) Shop With A Cop: Write to the police or fire departments who have programs to help needy families.

3) Love to Know: There are also websites where help can be made available.

4) The Media: Call your local newspaper, radio stationa, magazines and TV stations to ask for help. More help is available han you know.

5) Call toy companies dorectly. Many toy companies have programs available or can direct you to places that can help. Grocery stores also have the same kind of help available.

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