Marc Polite wins Best Blog Commentary At NYABJ Gala 2014

Marc Polite wins Best Blog Commentary via NYABJ Gala 2014
Marc Polite wins Best Blog Commentary via NYABJ Gala 2014

Good evening folks! I just got home from this year’s NYABJ Scholarship and Awards Ceremony. I am still feeling the after effect of tonight. I am still absorbing it. Wow. A few things. I did get a chance to say a few words, but I also want to thank my family for supporting my aspirations, and my readers for helping me reach the point where I can broaden my platform to say what many others wont. A special thanks goes out to D.C. Livers for coming out tonight, and looking out on the media savvy advice.

I am the least likely person to make such inroads, all things considered. I do not take any of this for granted. While I will no doubt have to quantify and clarify some of my remarks tomorrow, it is what it is. I welcome that, believe it or not. Blogging is about taking risks, and I am happy to have some of the notions shared here and elsewhere recognized as valid and worthy of serious consideration.

If you wish to read the piece that caused a minor firestorm on the Time Magazine website, you can view it here:

Bill Cosby’s ‘Tough Love’ is Counterproductive

Here is the video to accompany the post.

Peace, and see y’all next blog post!




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