“Born Nice” Featured In “Free Verse” Summer 2014 Compilation

Good evening readers! Much has been going on, in the world and the personal space. August is nearly a wrap, and summer is coming to a close. I know, I know, its painful to admit. Although it has felt short, this summer was a good one. It seems like the weather is giving us one last taste of summer weather before Labor Day. It would be the last week in August huh? lol.  Complaining aside, it was a good season. To balance all of the harshness we see in society, Kermit held it down this summer with the funny, (and Skeletor to a lesser extent) Some good films came out this summer, and thats about it. Don’t even ask me about music.

But, this is not the only reason I opened up WordPress. I wanted to let you all know that I was a part of a poetry anthology this summer. Called Free Verse, it is a compilation of poets put together from the South Bronx Neighborhood Opportunity Network. If you wish to download it, you may visit here.

Until next post! Peace!



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