Ferguson Today, Your City Tomorrow?

Yes, this is yet another piece about Ferguson, Missouri. Given the weight of the issue, and how much is at stake for American political relations, it merits another post. In watching the latest developments, my concern for how this will end up does not lessen as time goes on.

There are two major points I want to make with this post. To see this entire ordeal through the lense of rioters and looters ensures that the point will get lost. What ignited everything is the murder of an unarmed teenager.  What we saw here is a heavily armed police force over-respond to peaceful demonstrations. What we are still seeing is a lack of respect for the intelligence of the Black community. To take it further, there is also no respect for Black life. That’s been established, but it needs to be restated in case we were ever unclear on it. We are facing forces that are unrelenting, and people that we cannot reason with.

As for President Obama’s statements on Ferguson, there was much left to be desired. There are many who will give the president a pass on not speaking out forcefully, just because he is the president. That is a given. Politics encourages people to rationalize what a figure can or cannot do, and why. But, doesn’t a lack of leadership endanger more of us? The problem is, this has been a particularly tense summer, and Black people seem to have no recourse against murderous police. Even with the National Guard called into Ferguson, it seems more directed at protecting- and potentially emboldening the police. Where does this leave us? What prevents it from happening anywhere else? Whats to stop police from overreacting on every occasion? As much as I hate to sound pessimistic, I can see this occurring in other towns and cities.

How do you think this will end?



  1. Sadly, I expect this entire thing to end with another let down. I expect Michael Brown’s killer to never be held accountable. I expect this to happen again. It’s really sad and really true.

  2. It will end the way these things always do–with no meaningful or relevant change. Until America becomes mature enough to give more than lip service to the systems of inequality in this country this cycle will continue in greater or lesser degrees ad infinitum.

  3. Maturity is a major part of the equation. You are right Brandon. So far, we have seen little evidence of that forthcoming. Thanks for your comment.

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