Angela Williamson Releases Second Book “Return To Mu”

Angela Williamson
Angela Williamson

Writers express themselves by diverging from the topics that they are known for. That is one of the ways in which an individual may reignite their innate creativity. At last year’s Harlem Book Fair I interviewed Angela Williamson, author of Effective Treatments and Solutions for the Autistic Population.  She has released another book,  Return of Mu– this time a work of fiction. Polite On Society reached out to find out more about the reception to the first book, this new one, and Angela’s intentions in the near future. We welcome her back.

Polite On Society: Your first book “Effective Treatments and Solutions for the Autistic Population” dealt with a difficult and sensitive topic. How did you navigate that as a writer?

Angela Williamson:

My main purpose for writing Effective Treatments and Solutions for the Autistic Population is to educate parents and professionals about effective treatments for individuals with autism. Many parents are not provided with many helpful resources and educational programs to help their children with autism from the medical community. They are usually given hopelessness. I suggest parents to use holistic or alternative medicine to help their children with autism, and seek out an excellent occupational and speech therapist. Parents should get training in one of the following educational programs for autism: floortime/ DIR, Applied Behavioral Analysis, Son Rise program, social stories, etc., and run a program at home for their children. They can also seek schools that use these programs to educate their children, and then follow up with the program at home.

I discuss the probable causes for autism, such food allergies, poisonous ingredients in vaccines, enzyme deficiency, overgrowth of Candida, mercury poisoning, etc. These factors are contributing to the rise in autism. Countless of parents and professionals, have benefit from the treatments and resources in Effective Treatments and Solutions for the Autistic Population. One in 68 children is on the autism spectrum disorder as of today. It was 1 in 88 when my book was published. One in 110 children was on the autism spectrum when I was editing my book. These numbers are from a study done five years ago. Therefore, these numbers do not truly tell us how many children with autism there are in the America, which is probably more. This is why it was very vital for me to write this book because this disorder is becoming an epidemic. A second edition of Effective Treatments and Solutions for the Autism is coming out end of this year.


POS: Tell us about your latest book “Return to Mu”

AW:  Return to Mu is a science fiction and fantasy book about four New Yorkers, named Janet, Ayanna, Patrick, and Brian who go through a spiritual transformation when they are transfer to another reality and dimension.

Janet and Ayanna are best friends and co-workers at The Hartwell Financial Group. They are actuarial analysts. Janet meets a guy named Brian in the train station and asks him to escort her to the gala. He is the ideal man she has longed for to be in her life. However, she sabotages her relationships with men due to the negative programming of her grandmother.

Ayanna has everything she dreams of, but ignores her spirituality she learns from her grandmother. Patrick is Ayanna’s fiancée, an up-and-coming financial lawyer on Wall Street whose busy schedule strains their relationship.

They attend a gala event and cruise to Bermuda given by Janet and Ayanna’s firm, The Hartwell Financial Group. While in Bermuda, they go on a nightly boat tour. The boat is pulled through a portal into another dimension and land on a continent called Lemuria or Mu. They switch bodies with four other Lemurians, named Opna, Oipi, Haki, and Da-ra. The New Yorkers take on the personalities of the individuals they switch bodies with while keeping a fragment of their mundane mindset. Conversely, the Lemurians go through the same experience in this reality while keeping their esoteric wisdom intact.

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