Five Year Anniversary of Polite On Society!

May 17th marks the five year anniversary of Polite On Society. In thinking back on the past five years, there is so much I could say, and even then I would leave things out. I am actually putting up this post two days early, cause y’all know I don’t do weekend blog posts. I can’t even begin to point out how many people have been participants in this site that I have founded. If it was just me, there is no way it would have lasted this long. Much respect goes out to all my contributors past and present. I wont shout out people, because I don’t want anyone to feel slighted should I happen to forget anyone. Instead, I will shout out locales I have gotten much of my support (and traffic) from. Of course, first and foremost Harlem, and NYC in general. Then right across the water to my readers in Jersey, Philly further down, and Baltimore.

And of course, I say hello to my readers and tweeters in D.C. and MD, and V.A. Can’t forget those of you in Georgia, North and South Carolina. Can’t forget my readers in Texas, and Cali as well. Before this sounds like geography class, I will stop short and say thanks to all of you. I do this blog thing for a purpose, and its good to see that its reaching people.

“I been in this game for years” but I am still not an animal. LOL! Here is to another five years. Peace!

-Marc W. Polite

P.S.- I have a show at The Shrine in Harlem on Saturday. If you wanna come through and say hello, feel free to do so.







  1. Marc I think you are doing amazing things. Continue to inspire, engage and motivate!
    Dianne Polite-Gore

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