Celebrate Your Life Everday: An Interview With Author Raychelle LeBlanc

Author Raychelle Leblanc
Author Raychelle Leblanc

Do you celebrate your life everyday? According to author Raychelle Leblanc, you should. Here at Polite On Society, she shares her latest about Your Daily Slice Journal- a book about affirmation and reflections.

Polite On Society: What inspired you to write Your Daily Slice Journal?

RL: I was inspired by how journaling has been so instrumental in finding balance, clarity and healing for myself and my clients.

POS: Daily motivation is important to personal well-being. What kind of tips will the reader take away from your book to sustain them?

RL: Each day the reader can start off with  a daily affirmation or positive thought for gratitude journaling or reflection throughout the day. There are also short inspirational essays and some Laws of the Universe. In my experience, getting into the regular habit of gratitude journaling has been sustaining and fulfilling.

Your Daily Slice Journal
Your Daily Slice Journal


 POS: What was your process to write the book? How long did it take you?
RL: It all started with the Daily Slices that I post daily on the Cake Everyday Facebook Page. The followers were looking for other places where they could find them so the thought came to combine my two favorite things; journaling and affirmations. The whole process took about a month as I was just pulling from what already existed.
POS: Name one way being a writer helps with life challenges.
RL: There is a level of vulnerability that comes with putting yourself out there for all to see. It’s freeing. In my first book, I shared my experience with panic attacks and anxiety attacks. Initially I was apprehensive about sharing my story but in doing so, it starting a healing process for so many including myself.
POS: What advice would you give to aspiring authors out there?
RL: I would encourage writers to pour themselves out all over the page. For them to not be attached to what they think the process should look like but be committed to completing the project. Devote time to their story. And understand that once the book is done and published, this is where the real work begins. 🙂
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