Let’s Not Promote Murderers of Children

There are times when one just has to chime in and say no. This, is definitely one of them. As some of you may be aware, there have been rumors of a “celebrity” boxing match involving George Zimmerman and DMX. Before, it was supposed to be The Game, or insert threatening Black male here.

Now, when I first heard about it, I stooped to giving it play on some of my social networks. I even quipped about making him face Michael Jai White. Ultimately, this spectacle is about projecting our anger- and monetizing it. It’s about playing into revenge fantasies and or the desire to see a murderer get beat to a pulp. Which is a sorry stand in for justice, which was denied thoroughly by the processes that set Zimmerman free last summer.

In a succinct post over at Urban Expressive, fellow blogger Jennifer Hampton takes care to point out what is wrong with this entire thing. I wont recap what was said there, but I will add that the fact that this is even a discussion trivializes a very painful moment in contemporary Black life in America. Let’s not feed into this man’s infamy, nor let him profit from it if we have anything to say about it.

By the way, there is a White House petition circulating that you should definitely know about. I’m hoping this gets enough signatures to be effective.



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  1. ***(I am a mom. I live in Florida. My 17 yo son dares to have brown skin, and walk around his hoity-toity gated community at night. It was George Zimmerman’s idea to make himself a “celebrity” and Damon Feldman promotes it. Permission Denied!)http://www.pinterest.com/pin/406661041324855373/

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