Richard Sherman and The Behavior Police

As many of you know, the internet is abuzz with chatter around the post-game remarks of Richard Sherman.

I must say here that I do not follow football at all. But, I am here for some good trash talk, no matter the endeavor. It makes things interesting. I normally would not write on issues like this, but the visceral nature of the commentary on Sherman’s rant has moved me to do so.  It is as if people had never witnessed trash talking in sports before. People were outraged, and claiming that Sherman is narcissistic and a “bad winner”

For real? All Sherman did was talk a little trash post win, after proving how good he is. It was afunny moment, and reminds me of some WWE kind of stuff. Folks really need to lighten up. Had he just given a boilerplate response, we would not even be discussing this. Instead of going the tame, and often inauthentic route of  issuing a canned statement, Sherman just decided to let Crabtree have it. And I was here for it.

The demand that people stifle their emotions at all times, even during moments of awesome is part of what kills authentic human interaction. The people out there frothing at the mouth over how “unprofessional” Sherman acted really need to lighten up. He made a good play that helped send his team to the Superbowl, and folks are reacting as if he should act like he is at a press conference after winning a primary race. There are times that one should behave like a public relations bot. This moment was not one of them.

Also, the aspect of Sherman being called a “thug” by many fans of the sport during his spirited outburst bothered me. I thought thugs actually had to, um you know, attack people and stuff.. I guess all it takes to be a thug nowadays is just be a Black man who speaks in a spirited, and non-docile manner in public. That’s that Black magic. Shows how far we haven’t come, doesn’t it?

-Marc W. Polite

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