Black Comic Book Festival 2014

Static Shock and Luke Cage Hold it Down At BCBF 2014
Static Shock and Luke Cage Hold it Down At BCBF 2014

This weekend the Second Annual Black Comic Book Festival took place at The Schomburg Center. This year, the event spanned two days. Last year’s festival was all in one day. It was good to see this event promoted everywhere, and taken seriously despite so many associating comic books with teenagers and geeked out twenty-somethings. (And some thirty-somethings as well 🙂


The place was packed with fans, and conversations about  comic book characters mainstream and obscure filled the library halls. No comic book festival would be complete without folks walking around in costume.

IMG_00000779In addition to comic book characters, there were some pretty cool pieces of artwork as well.

IMG_00000777IMG_00000776Of course you had your panels just like last year. I was able to fully attend the very last one on self-publishing as a comic artist. All in all, solid advice was given about being a professional regarding your work as a comics writer/designer, and marketing it well. While I caught the tail end of most of today’s festivities, #BCBF14 was a cool event.

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