Black Twitter is On Wikipedia

Black Twitter is now an official thing. After being picked apart by various social media sites and news organizations, the term that is used to section off the behavior of one segment of Twitter users is now codified. The Wikipedia page went up today, and led to many questions. Of course, I would like to chime in and ask some myself. Why does this Black Twitter Wikipedia page feel like a constraining, marketing driven thing? Many of us are skeptical, and rightfully so. Black people are some of the most overstudied, but least understood.

This feeling that just because I tweet, that I will be prodded, is not a good one. Being the online voice of 35 million African Americans.. seems to be Black Twitter’s newly deemed mission. Can’t you already hear the statements? “Why isn’t Black Twitter outraged about…. (fill in the blanks)

Anyway folks, what do you think about Black Twitter getting its own Wikipedia page? Is it a good thing? Let me know what you think in the comments.




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