Russell Simmons Done Lost His Mind

Good evening folks. This post title is uncharacteristically informal, but the situation requires it. Formality would only get in the way of what needs to be said. In short… the gist is.. “dude, what the hell were you thinking?” For those who may not be aware, there is a parody video of a sex tape with Harriet Tubman and her slave master that is making the rounds. I know it’s late, but you read that right. Russell, or someone on his team thought it would be funny to make a mockery of a powerful historical figure. This is inexcusable. I wont even do it the dignity of linking to it. It doesn’t even deserve that. All it deserves is our collective scorn.

Why is it okay to play with our history? There is already a petition going around. I signed it, and you should too. Mr. Simmons, you just pretty much undermined everything you said about Don Lemon with this stunt. Rape is not a comedic device. And to the stars of the film… sometimes its just best to say no to certain things. You don’t see me writing blogs about malt liquor and Newports. Get some self respect about yourself.

The End.

Marc W. Polite

Better forget about writing for Global Grind




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  1. If a white man had posted this video, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would have been on every Network complaining and protesting. where is the outrage against Russell simmons?

  2. Good evening Get Smart. There was a great deal of outrage against Russell Simmons. Did you not see the petition I linked to in this post?

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