The Power of Backlash

Never underestimate the power of backlash.  In the news today,  is the example of Microsoft. Xbox One, which is the newest console scheduled to come out from the software company has been in the gaming news a great deal recently. All publicity is not good, as the Xbox One has had a horrible few weeks on all of the news and gaming sites. After learning that console owners would need a constant online connection to play games and would be unable to play used games on the new system, the negative response was rapid.  Many longtime Xbox fans were ready to switch to #TeamSony, and said so openly.

The bad press took such an effect, that today Microsoft announced that all of the Digital Rights Management features on Xbox One will be removed.  As a long time gamer, this is unprecedented. To my recollection, nothing on this level has happened involving displeasure with a console that forced the company to change it. This is a victory for not only the residents of #Xbotistan, but #GamerNation as well. What remains to be seen, is if this will be enough. Some gamers are still pretty peeved, and have taken to social networks saying that they still plan to support other consoles. Some argue that Microsoft deserves to be punished for even attempting this in the first place. What say you?  Is the damage done already?



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