Don’t Act Like It’s In The Bag

Good morning folks. Some of you are probably wondering about the title of this post. Yes, it is very informal, but I feel like I need to say something. If you pay attention to my Facebook wall, or follow me on Twitter, you can easily deduce that I am a Knick fan. As painful as that might be, I still decide to stick with a team who has been the laughingstock of the NBA for over a decade. Only recently have they begun to turn it around. After making it into the playoffs as second seed in the East, and beating the Celtics 3-0, they have begun to lose their way as the Celtics take advantage of their overconfidence.

The Knicks came out playing last night as if it was already in the bag, and got sacked. All this talk, of “wear black” and reckless talk was all for naught as the Celtics slowly and steadily maintained the lead throughout the second to fourth quarters. They just wanted it more. At this point, the Celtics are in a position to tie it up on Friday at their gym, and possibly grind out a win on Sunday. If they do this, they will make NBA History. Talk about coming back from danger.

The point in this post is not just a commentary on sports, but a commentary on everything. Whenever you just act like you got it, you put yourself at a serious disadvantage. Whether you realize it or not, you are sabotaging yourself. Whether its a fighting game match, or a blog competition, I have experienced personal hubris that ended up costing down the line. If you truly want to be great, you gotta fight for it every single inch of the way. Whether that’s behind the scenes practice, looking over your draft twice or more, it is just necessary to do the work. Whether you think your competition is on point or not, you still got to press it. Or risk getting pushed back into the loss column.

Last night’s game was a personal reminder to me of that necessity. For the sake of the blue and orange nation out there, lets hope the Knicks come out shooting better baskets, and less off at the mouth.

Marc W. Polite



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  1. Marc, as always your commentary is on point. Regardless of our past successes we all need to remain humble and not always get caught up in our own “press”, doing so could cost us future opportunities and ultimately stunts our personal growth. Thanks for
    giving us those reminders.

  2. History is full of people who became overconfident. Napoleon, Dewey, and Hitler to name a few. I hope the Knicks pull it out, but the Celtic pride and hunger is a beast, they know what it takes of culture of winning and achievement that is the personality of the organization.

  3. Marc, this is a great post full of wisdom. In the past, my team (The Heat) suffered severely on the court due to said over confidence. I’ve noticed when they were strongly favored to win and they choked, they learned from it. As a result, this helped them to remain humble and make more clutch plays during critical times. Honestly, I thought the black suit fiasco was satirical, but it proves if you don’t remain humble, you may end up putting the nail in your own coffin.

  4. Thank you K.S. I felt compelled to write it after witnessing such a terrible game. I hope the Knicks learn from this. Or else, they may have the whole summer to think about their actions. Thanks for your comment.

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