Do You Have A Right To Water? Nestle Chairman Says No

Between the Boston bombing and the recent discovery of ricin poisons sent to President Obama, everyone is on alert for more happenings. While we watch the  mainstream media speculate on who is behind all of this, they often get it wrong. Misinformation is the new information so it seems. For now, lets turn our attention to a matter we can all see for ourselves. And that is the issue of water.

I happened upon a story in my perusing of the news this evening, and one just struck me as worthy of talking about here. Nestle chairman Peter Brabeck said that water needs to be privatized. I almost thought it was a joke. Then I searched further and saw it was not. With all of the water shortages that are going on in parts of Africa, this is not something I view favorably.

The idea that water is not a human right is dangerous thinking. It has potentially murderous implications. Who decides who deserves water, and who doesn’t? And if water is just merely “foodstuffs” on the market that can be exploited, then there is also a calculated value that comes along with protecting the safety of that water. In other words, if companies deem it more profitable to say, conduct hydraulic fracturing to get oil deposits, that potential balance sheet would determine what happens. The notion in of itself that water is not a human right is just evil.

Feel free to watch the video for yourself. Makes you want to clutch a cantine, doesn’t it?

Marc W. Polite

Thinks Water IS a Human Right

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  1. For the life of me, I cannot understand where some people getcha their ideas that they have rights that deny those same rights to others.
    What I find worrisome, is that he’s probably not alone. Big money buys politicians, and we’ve seen how that works out.
    I admire you for using your voice, Marc. We need people like you.

  2. Talk about a sense of entitlement. The power to ruin millions of peoples lives with one decision. He definitely is not alone. Thank you for your comment Annie.

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