Staying True to Form

Don’t Worry Folks, I Ain’t Going This Route On Y’all

Greetings everyone. This post is just off the cuff. A follow up of some thoughts that came to me in the aftermath of yesterday’s April Fools joke I posted on here. After receiving some responses, I had to just come right behind this post and reassure everyone it is all just jokes. I have not sold off my site to Fox News, and I did not have dinner with any conservative leaders yesterday. I just wanted to have some fun with April 1st. Once blogging stops being fun, then it is a problem.

I post a lot on here, and I have a good number of people reading this blog. I post so regularly, that often people may not comment on whatever I have to say. That wasn’t the case yesterday. I actually got phone calls over that post yesterday. It was wild. Some of my posts can go weeks with no comment, but not this time. If you noticed, yesterday’s post encapsulated what would be the epitome of me selling out. A nightmare scenario, so to speak. There are times when I question why I put this much effort into writing for the people, and thought if I was to sell out, would people even care or notice. Well, I got my answer.

One comment a reader made to me via g-chat really summed it up: “Don’t play like that.” Wow. It is good to know that people are still paying attention.. and would not like it if I totally flipped. At a time when the costs of everything is going up, and keeping it real translates to staying stuck, the temptation to measuring the cost of your integrity is a real thing.  While many of us got some good guffaws, I got a chance to shake my readers up a lil. That’s never a bad thing. Don’t think just because I am spitting poetic bars and stuff I can’t come back on here and turn it up when I need to. Anyway, that is enough aimless, reckless talk. Now back to regularly scheduled blog programming. You can breathe a sigh of relief. I intend to stay true, and not collect my 30 pieces of silver just to pass go.

Until next blog post, peace!

-Marc W. Polite

No Need For Alarm.. Or the Drop Squad.



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