Citi Bike Program to Begin in Select NYC Locales This May

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English: Zotwheels Bike Share at the University of California Irvine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New York City cyclists have something to look forward to this Spring. The city will launch a bike share program to provide an additional mode of transportation to a wider array of residents. Citi Bike will be a low cost option for transportation in a city with ever increasing costs for public and individual commuting. Much like the Capital Bikeshare program available in Washington D.C., Citi Bike will have a membership fee, and several locations where you can return the bike you rent .

This will be a welcome addition to many people in the city. From those who participate in multi-borough cycling contests, to the casual weekend cyclists who want to ride on a quiet Sunday afternoon. At the moment, plans for the service have the program serving Lower Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn. There are no firm dates as to when the bike share service will be expanded to other areas of the city.





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