Phoenix Forum Hosts Panel Discussion on Post-Blackness

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English: Photograph of the African American Flag by David Hammons as flown at The Studio Museum in Harlem on 125th Street in Harlem, New York I took the picture June 1, 2007 Use Rationale Example of notable artist’s work. Notable example shows some of the artist’s major themes. Notable example shows artist’s relationship with city and neighborhood in question. Example of notable derivative design for U.S. flag. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is the last day of Black History Month 2013, and it ended with a plethora of events in Harlem. One of them was the panel discussion on the concept of “post-Blackness” held. This panel was the second event of the year for the Phoenix Forum, and it went extremely well. It was a pleasure to serve as moderator for the event. Our featured panelists were Nicholle LaVann, an award winning filmmaker, Ali McBride, an activist and motivational speaker, and scholar Guesnerth Perea.

This was a lively discussion, and many things came up. From definitions of African American, to media images, to the cultural appropriation that we often witness. I want to say thank you to our panelists for bringing the content, and our audience for coming out to show support. For those of you who missed our panel, a recording was made. As to when it will be available, we will keep you informed. This was a great send off for Black History Month, and everyone who participated brought some serious food for thought to the table. Peace and good night!

Marc W. Polite



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