31 Days To A Better Blog Challenge

As a person who is always looking to challenge himself, I have decided to take up yet another project involving this blog. Even though I have won awards for blogging back to back years, I see no reason to slow it up at all. This is why I have teamed up with a few other interested bloggers to sharpen up. ProBlogger has an e-book called “31 Days to Building A Better Blog” by Darron Rowse. There are 31 tasks in the e-book, that will show the reader how to improve their blogging skills.

The first task is to write an elevator pitch. This site has been in operation for a little while, so I found it somewhat challenging to encompass the totality of it. Regardless, here goes. If I wanted a person on the street who I am speaking to for the first time about this blog, I would say this: Polite On Society is a site of social commentary and political analysis. It is for the purpose of encouraging discussion on deeply important matters, informing the African-American community, and highlighting certain stories that are not told. The site covers literature, technology, politics, history, and current events.

So, how did that sound? Part of the exercise is that we are to open ourselves up to feedback, and be transparent about our progress. This is task 1, so with 30 more to go, I am sure it will become more involved, and interesting as it goes along. See you at the comments section.

-Marc W. Polite

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  1. I’ve been operating a couple of blogs for many, many moons. I like the idea of the 31-day challenge. I’m going to follow your progress and see if it is something that I might want to do with my blogs as well. As for your elevator speech … WELL DONE! Actually, it is something that I like enough to adopt for my a href=”http://electronicvillage.blogspot.com” rel=”nofollow”Electronic Village blog/a as well!

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