Knicks Put Away Celtics, Look Towards 76ers Saturday

New York Knicks logo
New York Knicks logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Knicks pulled out a win over the Celtics last night, 89-86. Played in Boston, the Knicks handed the Celts their 5th straight loss. Playing well in the first two quarters and keeping up with Boston helped the Knicks not fall too far behind. In addition to Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith played a great role in finishing off strong in the fourth quarter.


The Knicks this season have struggled to close out tight games. Monday’s loss to the Brooklyn Nets by 3 points is one example of this. Depending upon how they end the rest of January, the Knicks can protect their ranking, silencing their detractors who were predicting a mid-season collapse. The Knicks currently have the second best record in the East. Against the re-surging Nets and Bulls, Carmelo and the Knicks will have to put in work to protect their standing.  The Knicks will face the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday evening.



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