Polite On Society Wins Sha Speaks Award at the Black Blog Awards

Greetings readers of Polite On Society. I wanted to take time to share with you all some great news. This blog that you have continued to support has won another award. In 2011, Polite On Society won for Best Black Blog. In 2012, that honor goes to Issa Rae, the creator of the web series “Awkward Black Girl” For 2012, this space in the Black blogosphere is the recipient of the Sha Speaks Award, a recognition named after the late social media pioneer. The Black Blog Awards, held in Washington D.C. this Inauguration weekend is the recognizing organization. As many of you know, the ceremony was originally meant to be held in NYC. Due to Hurricane Sandy, it had to be postponed. I was not able to make it to Washington this weekend due to family obligations, but I am no less honored just because of that.

The criteria of the award has three different components. They are community service, humanity focus, and current events. This site has grown to focus on those elements, and more. I am grateful to know that this site has a social impact on the web, regardless of the size. I have to say thanks to all of my contributors for filling in. Much respect goes out to Brandon, Ad, Darron, Femi, Hannah, Nicole, Sharon, and Karen for broadening the conversation on this platform. I want to say thanks to all my readers and retweeters as well.

2012 was a difficult year. Yet, it is necessary to continue on, in the memory of those who we have lost. Thank you for being a part of this journey.    

Marc W. Polite

Managing Editor of Polite On Society


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