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Greetings all! With 4 days left in 2012, it is time to look at what was the best of the year. I offer this with a warning: this list is completely subjective. Meaning, if you don’t like what I like then tough! LOL! just kidding.. sort of. If you disagree, or feel like I left some thing out, then that is what the comment section, my FB wall, and the @ sign on my Twitter is for. So lets get it started!

Books (Note: I can only vouch for what I have read, so this list only has one entry)

The Price of The Ticket– By Frederick Harris

Political books typically do well during election years, especially when they are glowing endorsements of who ever is running. Prof. Harris book is a real analysis of the Black political scene, and President Obama is not spared of this critical look. While overlooked by many at a time where others shy away from these analyses, Harris has boldly struck up a conversation about what the long term costs of a Black political tradition that has been eschewed for symbolism will be.


Soul Calibur V– This was a good game, that even got overlooked by the Video Game Awards. It came out January 31st of this year, and while the story mode left much to be desired, it was a solid game. I suppose one has to be really into the Soul Calibur series to see it, because apparently Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Street Fighter X Tekken were better. I did not play TTT2, and I ended up selling back SF X Tekken (This game was really overhyped) As for Dead or Alive 5… what about it? #shotsfired  Although the parrying system was changed, most of the combos from the old games still work. Ivy is still deadly. Don’t believe me, come test me. LOL.  #Teamwolftickets

Black Ops 2– Who doesn’t like to shoot an RPG every once in a while?

That’s it. Yes, I heard Mass Effect 3 was really good, but it was 40 hours of game play to complete.Word to Sweet Brown, I had no time for that.

Movies ( I am putting documentaries in with this, because who is gonna tell me I cant?)

Avengers– Pretty much the best comic flick of the year.

Dark Knight Rises– Great as well.

Prometheus– I liked it. It was a little confusing, but good.

Hidden Colors 2– I wish this would have gotten the requisite attention. I am sure some will pick up on it later in 2013.

Soul Food Junkies– This will be aired to a wider audience when it comes on PBS this coming January. Glad to be able to say I saw this one. We need more documentaries with a lighthearted touch like this.

Television/Web Series

Scandal- Glad I been following since Season 1. This show just gets better.

Falling Skies– Season 1 was kind of meh, but S2 really began to pick it up.

Battlestar Galactica Blood and Chrome– I am a Battlestar head, so this one is a given. Being that it is a web series, not many know about it outside of the most nerded out. It is pretty much a prequel to the re-imagined BSG. The series, which showed its first 10 episodes on Youtube, is a depiction of the first Cylon war. It is already more action packed than the slow paced and more cerebral Caprica. Looking forward to see where this goes,

Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead- I will need a late pass on both of these. I just started watching them both late in the year, thanks to the power of Netflix. Both are intense shows. I guess sometime between the hoopla about the rash of Zombie stories, it kinda lead to me getting pulled in. As for Breaking Bad… its like a white version of ‘The Wire’ (which incidentally, I got up on this year as well. Yes, I did order and watch all 5 seasons. I am thirst. So what?) Last but not least:


There was a lot of good underground music this year, but my election coverage grind made me miss most of it. Here goes the stuff I heard this year, and liked:

Nas, Estelle, Kendrick Lamar, and Lupe Fiasco. And that is about it. I know I am about to get screamt on for this section, but I can only speak for what I heard.

And.. that is it. What were your favorites of this year?


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