A Prolific Blogger Passes- R.I.P. Sha Speaks

Good evening everyone. Its been a while since I have done a non political blog post. I feel as though the situation merits it. As you can see from the title of this post, someone made a transition. Connie Williams, better known in the blog world as Sha Speaks, passed earlier today. I got word from a relative confirming this sad news. I want to send out my  condolences to the family.

I never met Connie in person. I knew her in a professional sense as an established online media personality. You have heard her voice on here if you listen to the podcasts hosted by Black Press Radio. Sha Speaks was the 2007 Winner of the Best Black Blog Award. She also was a contributing writer for Global Grind, and hosted an internet radio show.

I will miss Sha. I just found out today, so I would rather not go on and on about it.. its difficult to accept as it is. Peace, and goodnight.

R.I.P. Sha Speaks

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