Dancing in The Streets: Dance for Obama Moved Voters

In the aftermath of a clear victory, President Obama and his supporters have much to be enthused about.  Dancing in the streets is a turn of phrase that applies literally to at least one outfit. Dance for Obama, a creation of choreographer Anjali Khurana is a grassroots organization that brought an artistic flair to the campaign.  Considering  the outcome, there will be no shortage of participants any future dance troupes. Wouldn’t it be funny if there was an Obama dance flash mob at the inauguration?

To find out more about the organization, visit National Dance For Obama




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  1. I see nothing to dance about, the houses are divided, under Obama after the first two years everything came to a stand still, sure you want to blame bush and the republicans, but in a republic as ours no one group of the government has absolute power, policy has to be worked out that means working across party lines as did Governor Christie who gave credit were credit is due. I blame Democrats and Republicans of both houses who pin one side against the other and have further divided the U.S.A.. I will celebrate and dance in the streets when the “Change I can Believe in” is reality and not just a slogan. Sorry to rain on your parade. President Obama may G-D grant you the wisdom of Solomon (On this can I get a Amen!).

  2. I have to quickly disagree here. The day after the election Johm Bohener came out saying that the house is willing to accept a tax hike (new revenue) given certain conditions. Seems to me like a clear call as to where the obstruction was coming from and a pretty clear clue about the motivation. The house was obstructing until Obama was voted out…but since he was reelected they have no choice but to make the first step towards compromise. Harry Reid has said it’s better to dance than to fight, so at least rhetorically it looks like some talks will start up.

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