Afro-Cinematique Showcases New Black Films at Raw Space

Attendees of ImageNation’s Afro-Cinematique event on Thursday had the opportunity to see four interesting short films. The most prominently advertised being Lenox Avenue starring Dorian Messick, Al Thompson, Ryan Vigilant, La Rivers, and Athena Colon. This  new webisode which premieres Monday is based on the lives of three friends living in Harlem. In addition to this, the audience saw the comedic Johnny B. Homeless, several clips from Nelson George’s Left Unsaid, and the science fiction themed Odessa.

Post Q&A Session Group Picture

Raw Space, the newest art gallery in Harlem was packed with people looking to see something new. After the film screenings, there was an informative Q&A session with the producers speaking with the audience about their creative processes and future plans. There is a lot more to look forward to with these four shows.

-Marc W. Polite


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