47% Diss: Romney Insults Almost Half Of Americans

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Looks like Mitt Romney thinks very little of the majority of people in this country. It was revealed over at Mother Jones that the former Massachusetts governor thinks that many Americans are moochers. He says  Obama voters are the 47 percent of people who do not pay taxes, or take personal responsibility for their lives. While he said these remarks were “less than elegant”, Romney has yet to back off of them.

Framing the issue as a part of Obama’s class warfare , Romney opines that there are Americans who will vote for this president no matter what. In addition to turning up the volume on anti working people messages, he also  refuses to acknowledge that  Obama saved the auto industry . Romney shows little concern for the plight of working class and middle class Americans. There is a pattern here.

The Romney campaign has been plagued with gaffe after gaffe. Last week, the Presidential candidate  attempted to politicize an international situation, only to have it backfire. Without bothering to get his facts straight, he only confirmed what President Obama said about him at the DNC speech regarding his “newness” to foreign policy issues. Even other Republicans are calling this statement a grave error in judgment.

Mitt Romney has a perception problem. There is more to foreign policy than tough talk, and there is more to domestic policy than business credentials. One has to wonder why Mitt Romney is really running for president. Is it because he believes he can “fix” the economy, or is he running just because he feels entitled to be president? How can someone who has such a view, draped in privilege work on the behalf of all Americans? Either way, we will soon find out if the contempt displayed for half of Americans has sunk in with the country. Let’s be honest, even with all these gaffes, its very possible that Mitt Romney still might win. Let’s not mistake bad press for a preview of what the turn out will be. As we edge closer to the election, more is certain to come forth. But will that be enough to sway voters one way or another? That remains to be seen.

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