Black Weblog Awards: Send Polite On Society To the Finals!

Good evening folks! Just wanted to drop a quick post to inform you all of some news. Voting is now open for the Black Web Blog Awards as of today. Not to be confused with the Black Blog Awards based in DC, which is next week. Thanks for everyone who voted for me. This time, you can vote for Polite On Society directly on the site here is the link:  Black Weblogs Voting Page

This award is run a bit differently. There are 6 different blogs in the category of Best Political or News Blog, but only the top three will go to the finals. At the moment, I have a good chance of making it, should I get your support. I am up against some great bloggers just as I have been in the recent past.

Best Political Or News Blog

Dominion of New York

Polite On Society

Electronic Village

Angry Black Lady Chronicles

Kimora Cochran

This Week In Blackness

You can find the link to all of these blogs on the Category Page

Voting closes October 1st.

Can Polite On Society make it through the semi-finals? That is up to you, dear reader.

Marc W. Polite




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