President Obama Launches Initiative On Education for African Americans

Last week, President Obama announced an education initiative for African-Americans. Officially titled The White House Initiative On Educational Excellence, this Executive Order is meant to help African-Americans close many educational gaps. While many are praising the move, others wonder if this 11th hour maneuver has more to do with the election than is being stated. President Obama notably once said that “a rising tide lifts all boats” when asked if he would do something specifically for the African American electorate.

Now with key information out there that President Obama needs record turnout from Black voters to win again, it appears that there is a reversal of this opinion. Perhaps we can credit the few Black thinkers and leaders who were willing to question the President over his arms length relationship to the Black electorate for this small gain. Those who demand nothing, get nothing. At least, this is a start.

Share your thoughts and respond to the poll below. Is this Educational Initiative a political move?

-Marc W. Polite



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  1. Even though it is politically motivated, progress is still progress, so I’ll take it. Something needed to be done regardless.

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