Don’t Forget About The Children-In Arms Reach

The prison population is a major concern in America. As explained by many observers, there are a disproportionate amount of African Americans incarcerated. When we think about the mass incarceration of Black people, typically we frame things in terms of the people in the system. What is an afterthought, is the effects on the children of those who are imprisoned. There are some programs out there that work to assist this often forgotten segment of the Black community.   

In Arms Reach is one program that is assisting the community in a much needed way. The IAR program is a New York based non-profit focused on assisting the children of the incarcerated. With mass incarceration being such an issue in the African-American community, the children of the imprisoned are often at risk.

One of the major things In Arms Reach does is mentor the affected youth.  The Every Child Deserves a Chance Mentoring Program focuses on this. Mentors are expected to commit to a 12 month relationship with a mentee, periodically keeping contact with them in person and over the phone.

In Arms Reach has been active in the New York area for 11 years. At the moment, they are looking for male mentors especially. If you know of anyone who is interested in becoming a mentor, get in contact with IAR. There are many youth who need the guidance of those who are concerned about their future.

To find out more about the In Arms Reach program, visit

-Marc W. Polite


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