The Grio Quotes Marc Polite In Rangel Piece

A major online news outlet has tapped Harlem based writer Marc Polite for political analysis on the ongoing situation of Rangel’s narrow victory. In a piece from July 3rd, Mr. Polite was quoted in The Grio for statements regarding the controversy over issue of the absentee ballots that remain. To read the article in its entirety, visit this link below:

Harlem recount: Rangel’s race to stay in office far from over




  1. I see they are still recounting the votes. While I admire all the work Mr. Rangel has done for Harlem (and the country as a whole), IMO it is truly time for him to go. He should be grooming the next generation to take his place. Instead following in the steps of the Late Senator Ted Kennedy he will probably try to stay in the seat until he dies. Then what? How will that help his constituents?

  2. I agree with you CM. For Rangel to continue to hold office is saying that no one else is capable of doing the job. Come on now. People in leadership positions have to groom folks. That kind of thing doesn’t help anyone.

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