Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Care Act; What Does It Mean For The Public?

In a decision last week by the Supreme Court, President Obama’s Affordable Care Act was upheld by the Supreme Court 5 to 4. The issue, which is a lightning rod in many circles, does a great deal to bolster President Obama in terms of his legacy of achievements as president. However, many people have misgivings, self included.

I have wondered if this was a good thing, but have hesitated to say anything publicly on it. Until now. As a writer, sometimes we may pen pieces that we can look back on and say, “I wish I would have said that better”, or, “I should have added this” In this case, I am sharing with you one article that I actually regret writing. Back in September of 2009, when the Obama Administration was in its first year, I wrote an opinion column on health care reform. It was a piece defending the President, and giving him the benefit of the doubt on the issue. This is without the full understanding of all of the stipulations within the health care reform act.

Many people have asked me my opinion on the ruling last week, and I either gave a garbled answer, or none at all. However, me learning that the individual mandate would be a tax, now forces me to say something. This minor detail, was not advertised three years ago.

Also, another thing I heard on it caught my attention. Howard Dean said last week that this reform is about “bringing universal health care through the private sector” I don’t see how empowering the private sector by forcing people to get health care from them will lead to better health care for all. It will just mean a larger pool of profits for the insurance companies.

If people are mandated to purchase health care, then what is the incentive for the health care industry to reduce costs? Knowing that they have a captive customer base, they can and will raise fees.

Because of the twists and turns involved in all of this health care reform business, I have come to the conclusion that  single payer as a solution. If the Affordable Care Act is good for people as a whole, then time will show that. As of now, I am unconvinced. Feel free to get at me if you feel I am wrong. Comment away.

-Marc W. Polite

Wanted Real Reform


  1. I had my misgivings about the the Affordable Care Act from the first time I heard that it would not be run in a similar fashion as Canadian Neighbors. I don’t like the fact that I will be penalized for not wanting to participate in a program that will only go to make the already multi-billion dollar healthcare industry richer. While I agree with parts of the law such as eliminating pre-existing conditions as a way to reject those seeking to purchase health insurance, I can’t agree that I will be forced to pay, one way or the other, to buy something I don’t feel is the best for me.

  2. Good morning. You are right, all this will do is enrich the health care industry, and it wont necessarily mean that the people will be any healthier. Thank you for your comments.

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