Learning What Is Good For Me: The Food Struggle Chronicles

Food Decisions

Lately, I have been thinking more about food. No, this has nothing to do with the fact that I am up writing this before I even ate breakfast. It has more to do with me educating myself about food, and changing my eating habits. For those of you who are either friends on my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me posting my breakfast or lunch. Some of you may ask, what’s that about? Well, I find that its easier to track what I eat that way, and it keeps me in step. Some might think I am trying to get “brand new” when its really not about that at all.

The reality of the situation is, that as a Black man in my early 30’s, I can’t have the same eating habits that I had in my teens and 20’s. Stuff I used to wolf down, I would not try now. Besides me feeling a difference in how food affects me as time goes along, I am in a circle of folks that are influencing me as well. I have friends that have been vegan for a while, and some that have recently made that choice for themselves. Let me say right now that I am not there yet. I have cut down on meat, and don’t buy pork or beef for the most part. Also, I try to avoid fried food, when I can. Its hard walking by Popeye’s somedays. LOL. So I am pretty much down to turkey, chicken, and seafood.  I even saw Food, Inc. Which messed me up for a lil while. I think I had chicken teriyaki for dinner before I saw it. One of my good friends recommended that I watch the documentary Forks Over Knives. But I am too scared to. LOL. I wont even lie. If I was to try and become a vegetarian even, I would be a half-stepping one. I am making progress, incrementally, towards eating more real food, but like everyone I still crave the processed stuff.

However, I feel good about the direction that I am going. I have put myself on a 5 day/ 2 day schedule. During the week, I am more careful of my food choices, and less so on the weekend. If I can get to the point where I am snacking on vegetables on Saturday night, then I will have made some major progress. #doritosflow  It will be an ongoing process, and learning to enjoy different foods, and ways to prepare them will be interesting. Shoutout to those of you who have been supportive of my habit change, and those of you who have even shared some recipes. This week, I tried some avocado, and had two vegetarian dinners. I felt just fine about it.

So if you see me tweeting my lunch today, don’t think I am trying to show out. Just know that  fried chicken snackboxes with cheesefries and ketchup 5 days a week at my age is not the business. LOL! Alright, y’all take care, and enjoy your day! Peace!

-Marc W. Polite

So not ready to be a Super Vegan, Level 5


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