The Lost Art of Freestyling; A Commentary on the Canibus vs. Dizaster Battle

Yes, it has been over two weeks since this battle happened, and yet Black Twitter is still on fire regarding this topic. I have some thoughts to share on it, and you can see those more in detail over at Eat Your Serial. My featured column titled: The Lost Art of Freestyle is an assessment of what freestyle used to be, and what battle rap has become.

Canibus is my man, 12 grand, but I still have to say he caught an L on this, majorly. Folks who don’t even rock with underground rap like that have learned about this. Its crazy. With the internet going wild about what occurred, one would think that Canibus is done. In the piece, I push back, and state why. But, I want to add something else. Now that Bis no longer has to prove that he is the “illest” he can  move on, and continue to record songs, as he has been the past couple of years. Meanwhile, Dizaster, who is ill, will constantly have other rappers going after him. Yes, he may be hip hop’s Randy Orton, but he will have to keep proving it. Much like Jesse Cardiff in that classic Twilight Zone episode “A Game Of Pool” being the man that beat the man has its own set of rules.  Canibus gets to be Fats Brown, while he’s alive. Just my theory, folks.

Shoutout to the Rippers on Canibus-Central, The Nation of Bislam on Allhiphop, and all the other Canibus fans out there across the web. He is gonna be  aight. The brotherhood got him covered.

-Marc W. Polite

Bis fan since Uni-4-orm/Beast From The East Days

P.S. But this video is still funny tho. LOL!!


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