Does Mitt Romney Really Have A Jobs Plan?

With the last of the Republican primaries this week in Utah, the attention is now fully on Mitt Romney to present an alternative plan to sitting President Barack Obama. At this point, the American public has yet to see a comprehensive plan as to exactly what a Romney jobs plan would look like. Aside from stating that President Obama has “anti-business policies” Romney has presented little in the way of a plan to get the economy to function better.

Accusations do not constitute a plan. Romney, if he is to become more than just an anti-Obama has to address this. After taking some major hits on immigration, has yet to convince wider audiences outside of his base of what a potential Romney administration would do to resolve unemployment. With nearly 5 months left, this issue is bound to resurface.

What are your thoughts? Does Mitt Romney really have a jobs plan? Or is his bid for the White House based on an anti-incumbent argument? Your commentary is welcome.

Marc W. Polite

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