Some Thoughts On Fatherhood

So, today is Father’s Day. A day to recognize fatherhood and what it means. And predictably, there will be a boat-load of sideways statements in the form of status updates, tweets, shared pics with the unified message of “happy fathers day to those that deserve it” Some of you have probably already seen those things, as Father’s Day has become quite the anti-holiday. Enough shade will be thrown to block out the sun. I digress. But that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about what fatherhood means to me, personally. I can only speak for myself. While I still have new father written all over me, (after 2 years) I have some thoughts on what it means.  To me, it really means respecting the role you play in a child’s life. When I think about watching my daughter and how she is talking, and learning things so quickly, I am really awestruck. My wife and I have taught her to say “thank you” and “See you later” and she has soaked that up and more. Children watch everything. ( I wonder who taught her how to unlock my phone? LOL)

But seriously, when I think about the future, I am now thinking of her future, and what it will look like. What schools she will go to, what life lessons I can pass along. What I have yet to learn so I can do better. I may joke about getting my food taken, stuffed animals invading the living room, but its a fun thing being a father. I can honestly say that knowing that I have a little girl who needs my guiding hand has changed me as a person. I can’t believe this is my third father’s day. I look forward to many, many more.

Happy Fathers Day!

Marc W. Polite

Blogger, Father and part-time Horsie

P.S. – I just had to put this Nas video below!

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