Open Line Picked Up By WBLS

Good morning all. Just wanted to put it out there for folks who may not be aware. The popular Kiss FM radio show “Open Line” is now part of Sunday’s WBLS lineup. This is great news for the Black community, and due in no small part to the outcry to save the show.

It airs in its regular two hour slot from 10am to noon.


  1. That’s great news. Our community desperately needs open line to keep us informed and up to date with what’s going on.

  2. There is no question! We need open line if for nothin else for truth n facts about what’s good n bad in our city ,country, world and homes. I need open line and so glad WBLS picked it up from RIP Kiss FM…..

  3. Dear Mtume I would like to hear a panel discuss the issues to develope changes in the Mental health dept and substance abuse treatmentprogram. We need to transform the mental health dept and substance abuse treatment .I would like to hear community residence discuss their experiences with mental health dept. We need changes in the quality of treatment. .

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