Racial Profiling About to Go High Tech: NYPD Developing Mobile Weapon Scanners

“And they makin’ technology to try and screw niggas”- -Styles P.

It looks as if racial profiling will be going high tech. The New York City Police Department is developing van mounted body scanners to detect weapons on the street. So indirectly, the Department of Defense will be working with city law enforcement to prevent crime. Or will it just create more of a cloud of harassment? As if the policy of stop and frisk isn’t bad enough. Soon, the NYPD, which is known for abusing its power, and overpolicing Black and Latino neighborhoods will have an additional tool in its arsenal.

Lets not pretend that this technology will be used evenly. It will be applied particularly towards those who are already singled out for abuse and harassment. New technology on its own doesn’t change social relations, they can often act to reinforce them. Its about to be Total Recall for real in the hood.

Marc W. Polite

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  1. can any one inform me on what are my possible options being raised in washigntion heights I’ve been profiled my entire life but last night they went over board i was parking my mothers car and waiting for parking (mean while 5 other cars doing the same thing) i got thrown to my car they went in my pockets and it was 4 cops i got really aggravated to be harassed in front of my mother who is a business owner in the neighborhood i cannot wait to move out from (mainly because of this) i got it all on video and the other double parked cars plus i went back to record some other peoples point of view. basically its up to the point where u cannot go to anyones house other than yours or you will be considered “probably cause” which is complete BULLSHIT! sorry for that but my typing has become even harder on my poor mac. any way if any one knows any way i can seek retribution at least punishment on the cops I’m not trying to make a quick buck. please lets help each other out if we empower blacks and latinos with correct knowledge of whats the individually weak power hungry bastards we can make it a safer place. p s no one wants the drugs or crime.

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