Internet Black Out Day: Why I Support It

Good evening folks. For those of you who tried to access my site today, you saw a prompt which directed you to the anti-SOPA strike webpage instead of my latest blog post. Polite On Society participated in Internet Black Out Day, a day of net solidarity for all sites who are protesting against the SOPA and PIPA bill. Major sites have participated, and because of it along with other efforts to spread the word, companies who supported it have backed off of supporting SOPA, at least publically. SOPA at this point, looks to be dead in the water. President Obama came out against it this week.

But, the fight is not over. The fact that this was even attempted should be enough to make us all vigilant. While it may have been annoying for this blog to be down, this issue is important enough to give folks a chance to take pause. I consider this site a public service as well as an information hub, so its only right that you be aware of what is transpiring in real time. It may be “just the internet” but for an increasing amount of people, it is the only outlet they have. Don’t allow the internet to be blacked out for real!

Marc W. Polite

*Bonus* Check out a podcast collaboration between Polite On Society and WebsterStyle Magazine. In it, Elden Hawkes and I talk about SOPA, The GOP Primaries, and HydroFracking.  Its called Stylishly Polite On Politics



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