Pop Ish, Apologize Quick: Canibus Apologizes to J. Cole

Many a die hard hip-hop head has heard of Canibus, the late 90’s lyricists known for spitting rhymes about sub-atomic particles and alien aircraft. He is equally known for beefing with rappers. From LL Cool J, to Eminem, to Beanie Sigel, Canibus has no hangups about going against another emcee, big or small. Germaine’s latest target is J. Cole, a hip hopper who looked up to Bis and shouted him out on various occasions. When the diss track hit, it left many a hip hop fan scratching their head. Why would he diss someone who bigged him up?

It was big of Bis to man up and apologize for going at J. Cole’s neck, and say he was out of line. But he still played the whole situation wrong. Instead of getting offended that J. Cole mostly citing his old work, he could have said “shout out to my man J. Cole for the big up, but I’m still in this game regardless whether the majors is messin’ with me or not.” He could have let J. know that he appreciated the shout, and let folks know he is still active in the game regardless. All that opportunity is down the drain.

Attacking new artists for mentioning you is a surefire way not to get mentioned at all. Some hip hop heads are still checking for you, Bis, but this was a bad look. For real.  Now if you could get cracking on that HRSMN project, it would be a good start. #justsayin

To see a review of Canibus, latest album, click the link below

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Marc W. Polite

Still checking for Rip The Jacker II.. and where is my HRSMN album?!

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