Polite On Society Week In Review- 11/6-11/12

Good evening folks! This was an eventful week in politics. Politicians ducking accusations, making gaffes, and all around showing us how totally out of touch they are with mass sentiments.

Oops, He Did It Again

GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Perry stumbled hard in the debate this week. After not being able to recall the three federal agencies he would cut as president, he offered an “Oops” in place of a suitable answer. While everyone is so up in arms about Perry’s lack of eloquence, where is the backlash about Mr. Perry wanting to destroy thousands of jobs during a recession? That seems to have gotten lost in the equation. Between this, the N-word ranch debacle, and re-raising the issue of President Obama’s birth certificate, Perry just continues to “step in it”

Cuts In Social Programs Still Coming

Going from hypothetical cuts to very real ones that are imminent, the 12 member Super-Committee plans to cut 1.2 trillion from the deficit. Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are all on the table, in nominal exchange for tax increases. If this is supposed to signal some sort of great compromise, then very few are convinced. While this issue may be overshadowed by the 2012 election cycle, these deep cuts will effect people for much longer.


Cain Train Keeps Chugging Along, Despite Accusations

Talk about inexplicable. A scandal for a presidential candidate before the primaries is normally the kiss of death. Apparently that truism doesn’t apply to Herman Cain. Despite the allegations of sexual harassment, Cain is still bringing in campaign money.  Let’s see if this will continue when masses of people really start paying attention in 2012. Cain eventually will have to explain himself to the electorate, and no amount of shielding by conservative media will be able to stop it.

And that’s it in brief. What was the political story of the week in your opinion?

-Marc W. Polite



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