Another Hip Hop Legend Lost: R.I.P. Heavy D

Losing artists you grew up with is hard. As I am sure many of you heard by now, Heavy D has passed away. He succumbed to respiratory failure in his home. He was 44 years old. A hip hop icon, and a positive role model. The shock of it all is making it difficult to put it all down. Heavy D’s music takes me back to my high school days. Good memories.

Heavy D made that fun-loving, lighthearted, party setting off type music. What happened to that in hip hop? That element is sorely missing. One of the worse things about rap now is that there is this sense that artists all have to be super-tough and guarded lest they be derided as soft.  No one knows how to have fun anymore. I mean, can you imagine trying to grill someone  to a Heavy D song? It ain’t happenin’. Don’t even try it.

Don’t wanna ramble, just had to put something up out of respect for the man. Rest in Peace, Heavy D. One of my favorites is below.


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