Lyrical Law: Album Review

Greetings people! I introduce to you my newest column/sub-category. Backpacker’s Delight is the section/feature of Polite On Society that deals with underground music and alternative hip hop. The term backpacker is a well known perjorative aimed at fans of non-commercial, conscious hip-hop, a term that marginalizes. Here we will talk about underground hip-hop, stuff that the majors will overlook.

Not just the known and recognized true heads like Lupe Fiasco and Immortal Technique, but also the lesser known folks like Scienz of Life, Last Emperor and Vakill. There is diversity within hip-hop, but you wouldn’t know if from listening to the radio. First up for this months feature on Backpacker’s Delight, is none other than Canibus.

“The last man standing after the internet is abandoned,

James Cameron with a gamma ray cannon” – Canibus

Lyrical Law is the latest offering from the lyrical analyst. This makes solo album number eleven,  A solid project that embraces the old school hip-hop ethos, Lyrical Law is sure to please the longtime fans of Canibus. The type of beats on the album overall match him, and many of the features as well. Coming in at 15 tracks, there was very little that clashed in terms of production.

One thing listeners should be aware of is that this album is feature heavy. Emcees like Sun Dullah, K-Solo, and Copywrite have guest verses.  Fellow HRSMN like Ras Kass and Killa Priest were on the project as well.  Chino XL and Canibus on the same track should be illegal though. LOL. While this is standard fare, there are some features that surprised me. Royce 5’9 is one I did not expect given the words exchanged between Bis and Slaughterhouse members recently.  I guess Germaine wants to move past the words, which is always a good thing. The collab was dope. (It would be ill if they could squash the back and forth once and for all and do a project together. HRSMN and Slaughterhouse would equals 8 is enough 2012. A backpacker can dream can’t he?)

Anyway, while I like to assess projects as an overall, there are some joints that really stood out to me. “Fight With The Champ” is on some rowdy who want it type vibe with an ill beat. “Bis & Sun and Ruck& Rock” featuring Heltah Skeltah is a good one. I was surprised about the Evanescence sample though. (At least that is what it sounds like, correct me if I am wrong)

The biggest downside of this album is track 14. The song is too choppy to be listenable, and really was an annoyance on the ears. But aside from this, lyrical law is a good album. It wont win anyone new over, but its a good release. Good features, a message, and another addition to the overall catalog of the dedicated emcee most relish in ignoring. I give Lyrical Law a 3.5 out of 5.


  1. first of all, you didn’t mention K-Rino even once.. not only was he on THREE different tracks but he had some of the best verses on the whole album!
    second, you should really go into more details in your reviews. this album is filled with some of the most amazing bars you’ll ever hear yet we only get one quote?
    finally, on what basis are you grading the album? 3.5/5 is about average. and this album is waaaaayyy above average. “the beats, the rhymes, the features, every single facet!”

  2. You’re right. I didn’t mention K-Rino. That wasn’t a slight just an oversight. I am comparing this album to melatonin magik and c of tranquility. MM was better.

  3. okay, i see where you’re coming from. IMO MM and LL are tied neck and neck but, the features on LL are what gives is a slight edge. of course this is just my opinion.

    Thanks for the review.

  4. This album is pretty fly man, no bullshit with bitches window shopping, it’s a straight up hit of %100 percent truth and when you broadcast the truth you piss everybody off.

    Best I’ve heard in years….I watched those 4 dudes in a car reviewing this album and they didn’t like bread and butter??? wtf? for a less than a 3 minute track it is fucking ace in my book. Clowns. Anywho, each to their own I guess but in a world full of fakes and snakes, this album stands above most of the current day faggot ass rap shit.

    Good luck.

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