Rice: One Last Gathering


Greetings everyone! Yes, I know, I said in all likelihood that another Rice story wouldn’t be posted, but there is an  event coming up at the school. It’s not a fundraiser, and the school is still closing. It is A “Rice Alumni Open House” It is one last get together for the alumni. Here are the details:

Rice Alumni Open House

Friday, July 1st, 2011


@Rice HS- 124th Street and Lenox


Come out and share your memories. I intend on being there. I want my brethren to show up if they can. Class of 97 has to rep!  Much respect to Kawone Williams for providing the information on the event. While this event will be bittersweet, I will be looking forward to interacting with alumni in the years before and after my class as well.  Peace y’all!

Marc W. Polite

Class of 1997

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*Is wondering if I will be able to get a 2011 Rice High School yearbook* Hmm…

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