The Undergods Album: A Review

Canibus and Keith Murray

Canibus and Keith Murray have re-invaded the rap scene. After dropping an EP back in 2009, the underground duo known as “The Undergods” finally bring us a full-length album. The two 90’s era emcees bring us some of that traditional sound, replete with the kind of spitting that fans of both expect. On this project, they have a Redman/MethodMan type of chemistry, Murray bringing the off-kilt humor to counterbalance ‘Bis science-fiction/conspiracy laced lines.  On the song, “Undergods Roll” Keith jokes about taking an axe to his lyrical opponents while Bis warns foes to “keep their proximity or get knocked into infinity.”  Wonderful stuff. The longtime fans of both will like this sort of stuff.

This is a solid joint, but at 18 tracks, it is a little long in the tooth. I think that it could have been maybe three tracks shorter, and had a stronger overall effect. All in all, I am glad to hear the really strong songs from the EP, like “Show Em What Crazy Is” and “Gotta Be Real” on here. In fact, Urban Rose on the hook makes Gotta Be Real a tighter song. The strongest of the newest songs are “Super Weapons” and “Prince of Persia”  All in all, a good joint for the fans of underground rap to nod they head to. For fans of Keith Murray and Canibus, this is pretty much a “No Brainer” I give this album a 3.5 out of 5.

Marc W. Polite

P.S.- I don’t believe anything Canibus is saying on “Super Weapons”

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